Class Rep Contact Directory

This list contains email addresses for all assigned class reps. By using the address for your rep you may send changes directly to them.  Ladies, be sure to  include your maiden name so we can find you. Classes with no Class Rep may send changes to Kaaren Andrews who is class rep chair person.   Her email is

1940 Jane Weatherspoon Goor


1947 Mary Elizabeth Chaffin Ramsey


1949 Joyce Wray Fogarty


1950 Genevieve Lish


1951 Mary Jane Knox Miles


1953 Christine Binkley Dozier


1954 Lyndal Thompson Wynne


1955 Robert Wilburn (Wil) Clouse

1956 Calysta Thomas Haglage


1956 Beth Pylant Williams


1957 Andrea Jo Lehning Moore


1958 Jerry Newman


1959 Howard Hale


1960 Ann Posey Kelly


1961 Harold Roy Gilliland


1962 Judy Murphy Filson


1963 Lydia Chilcutt Russell


1964 Kay Rayner Cunningham


1965 Alice Stewart Shehane


1966 Linda Marlin Jacobs


1967 Sharon Province Short


1968 Phil Watts


1969 Larry Collier


1970 Jane Luna Smotherman

1971  Patricia Martin


1972 Rhonda Lisa Bale