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Until further notice the Lions Hall, Board Room and Kitchen areas will not be rented due to the area being setup up for a full time virtual learning classroom for the students of Backfield in Motion (BIM).



In order to continue receiving information from your Alumni Association, including the BLAST, please be sure we have the most current and up-to-date contact information for you. (Ladies please use your maiden name as used in school.)

Also, if you hear of any deaths among your classmates, notify the class rep.


Click HERE for a list of  class representatives by year.

Our fiscal year is from July 1 - June 30. We encourage paying dues each June for the upcoming year but there is no penalty for paying anytime throughout the year. Your dues are very important in helping us meet our goals and enabling us to continue our mission. 


Annual dues are $15 per alumnus.  Additional donations are appreciated. The Isaac Litton Alumni Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation. 


Cash or check  payable to ILAA should be mailed to:



PO Box 752

Madison, TN 37116-0752.

Gone, But Never Forgotten





    DATE                                 NAME                                      CLASS

2021-04-23            WILLIAM LAMONT HAISLIP                   62

2021-04-22            WALTER THOMAS SULLIVAN                62

2021-04-20            WILLIAM BURTON (BILLY) DUKE           54

2021-04-20            JOHN THOMAS NARRAMORE              71

2021-04-09            BARBARA ANN CAMP SADLER            51

2021-04-16            GRACE PEWITT WILLIAMS                   43

2021-04-10            SANDRA HARRIS BAKER                      61

2021-04-06            CLAUDIA JANE HENDRIX-JONES         61

2021-04-06            BARBARA ROLLER HENDRIX               60  2021-04-05            RUSSELL E RICHARDSON                    50

2021-04-04            ROBERT AARON WOODALL                  55

2021-04-03            GLENDON CORNELIUS FLEMING        55
2021-03-31            ALTHEA MAE SORRELLS GANN           53

2021-03-28            WILLIAM EUGENE GOBER                    48

2021-03-28            JANE CUNNINGHAM DUNN                   52

2021-03-17            LARRY EUGENE WRAY                          53

2021-13-15            STANLEY EUGENE ZELLER                   42 2021-03-09            JERRY ALBERT RITTENBERRY             51

2021-03-08            RAY GUILL WOODALL                            53

2021-03-07            CHARLES DELWIN  WILLIAMS               55

2021-03-07            BARBARA LILLIAN DOTSON DUNN       51

2021-03-07            CHARLES DELWIN  WILLIAMS               55

2021-02-24            ANNA RUTH FITZPATRICK VANCE        52

2021-02-22            MORRIS FRAZIER ESTES                      50

2021-02-14            PATRICIA (PAT) HOLLAND BROOKS      61

2021-02-10            HENDERSON HILLIN, JR                        48 2021-02-07            ALTON DUANE HOWDEN                       60

2021-02-02            ALENE VANDERCOOK TAYLOR             44

2021-02-01            JEWEL CLARK VANDEWERKER            55

Litton Marching 100 Band

To listen to the Marching 100 playing some of their most popular music, click on the arrow to the left of the title. (If you are listening to the background music on this website, click this function off as directed on the top of this page. Background music can be re-started any time).

Marching 100 Band.jpg


To hear PIANO SOLO arrangements of the following songs click on arrow

beneath the selected song.


For a printable copy of the sheet music (with lyrics) for these two songs

click ALMA MATER or FIGHT SONG and print when file opens

To hear the MARCHING 100 version of these songs click on the arrow beneath the appropriate song.