Click HERE to open a complete list of all Isaac Litton Alumni. This list will show the name of every alumni, the year they graduated and if they are deceased.


Once this screen is open, you will see a small stack of three dots or three horizontal lines in the upper right corner. Click on this stack.  A list will appear with the word FIND or something similar. Click on "Find" and a small box will appear into which you will type what you want to find. (NOTE: Unless you know exactly how the name appears on the website type only what you are positive is listed.  For example: Instead of typing Joe John Jones just type Jones because he may actually be listed as Joseph John Jones so typing Joe will not locate him.)  In the directory listing you will see the first occurrence of the name you typed. To the right of the box you will see an up and a down arrow. Click on the down arrow to advance to the next occurrence of  the name Jones. Continue until you locate the particular person you are looking for. Here you will see the class year listed to assist in locating the correct person. Return to the CLASSES section on the upper part of the page and click on the Class Year to find the person you want.