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The Isaac Litton Alumni Association is taking this opportunity to acknowledge its supporters and benefactors for their continuing support and encouragement. Listed here are the names of those to whom we extend our deepest gratitude for gifts received on May 23, 2022, and May 29, 2023. Please note that future gifts will be recognized in the next report.

Diamond Donors ($1000-$9,999)
Magnum Logistics
Farmers Employees & Agents PAC

Sapphire Donors ($500-$999)
Christy Cason Robinson, Class of ‘68
Alice Stewart Shehane, Class of ‘65
Class of ‘72

Ruby Donors ($100-$499)
Patricia Robinson Wells, Class of ‘70
Edward/Diane Waggoner
Linda J. Bogenschutz
Albert and Judy Waggoner, Class of ‘65
Stephen and Sherrill Harrington, Class of ‘67
Jerry Goad, Class of ‘62
Nancy Stackhouse Wilson, Class of ‘54
Don and Janis Clark, Class of ‘70
Thomas E. Bateman, Class of ‘56
Judy Butler Cline, Class of ‘70
Howard (Skip) Dean, Class of ‘68
Judy H. Roberts, Class of ‘61
James M. Carter II, Class of ‘68
Patricia Matthews Neely, Class of ‘69
Colonel Bill Colbert, Class of ‘57
Phillip L. Taylor, Class of ‘67
Donna M. Hiller, Class of ‘58
Pat M. Martin, Class of 69
Kitty Kincaid Woodson, Class of 65

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