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The Isaac Litton Alumni Association is taking this opportunity to acknowledge its supporters and benefactors for their continuing support and encouragement. Listed here are the names of those to whom we extend our deepest gratitude for gifts received on May 23, 2023, and May 29, 2024. Please note that future gifts will be recognized in the next report.

Platinum Donors ($10,000 and up)
Robin Owen, in memory of Louis Owen, Class of 34

Diamond Donors ($1000-$9,999)
Gayle Batey, in memory of Benjamin Batey, Class of ‘53 
Drew Maddux, Class of ‘52

Sapphire Donors ($500-$999)
Jay McDonald, Class of ‘64 
William Benz III, Class of ‘70 
Howard (Skip) Dean, Class of ‘68
Drew Maddux, Class of ‘52

Ruby Donors ($100-$499)
Charles Mark Maunsell, Class of ‘63 
James & Leslie Harrison, Class of ‘68 
Betty Wiggins Lynch, Class of ‘68 
William (Terry) Sanders, Class of ‘68 
Patricia M. Martin, Class of 69 
Kitty Kincaid Woodson, Class of ‘65 
Thomas H. Cayce, Class of ‘67
John E. & Norma Benz, Class of ‘51 
Rev. James Henry, Class of ‘55 
Louis C. Hines, Class of ‘53 
Kaaren F. Andrews, Class of ‘59 
Skip and Jeannie Dean, Class of ‘68 
Marisue Meador Stalker, Class of ‘70 
Debra Bumpus, Class of ‘72 
Judy Butler Cline, Class of ‘70
Albert and Judy Waggoner, Class of ‘65
Karen Moore, in memory of Edward Robinson, Class of ‘47
Thomas Bateman, Class of ‘56
Robert E. Bell, Class of ‘58
Paul and Connie Allen, Class of ‘65
Karen Brown, Class of ‘72
Gerald Andrews Emison, Class of ‘64
Jay McDonald, Class of ‘64
Sammy Swor, Class of ‘64
Jack Benz, Class of ‘51
D. N. Dupuy
Mr. and Mrs. John Greenlee, Class of ‘70
Robbie Bardell Botts, Class of ‘67
Gail and Lewis Sanders
Donna Yeaman Hiller, Class of ‘58
Roy (Buddy) and Peggi Jones, Class of ‘68
Kitti K. Woodson, Class of ‘65
Pat Matthews Neely, Class of ‘69
James M. Carter, Class of ‘68
Phillip Taylor, Class of ‘67
Terry Woodside, Class of ‘72
Gary W. Derryberry, Class of 70
Howard Hale, Class of ‘59
Hulon and Betty Sanders, Class of ‘54
A. Ray Slate, Class of 55

*Names of donors giving to the ILMS Band trip, $100 and above, will be included in the July Blast article about the trip.

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