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2023 - October

Cover Page 1

President’s Letter 2 

Veterans Day Upcoming Event 3

Save the Dates 4 PTSO Block Party 5

ILMS Faculty Breakfast 6

Rock Around the Clock – Sock Hop

7-9Litton Lion “Expats” 11

Litton Legacy Quarterly Report 12

Lion’s Den Addition – Rita Sweeney 13-14

Board Members 15


Fall Poem – Marisue Stalker 17

Gone But Never Forgotten 18


Cover Page 1

President’s Letter 2

Veterans Day Upcoming Event 3

Save the Dates 4

PTSO Block Party 5

ILMS Faculty Breakfast 6

Rock Around the Clock – Sock Hop 7-9

Litton Lion “Expats” 11

Litton Legacy Quarterly Report 12

Lion’s Den Addition – Rita Sweeney 13-14

Board Members 15


Fall Poem – Marisue Stalker 17

Gone But Never Forgotten 18


Cover Page 1

President’s Letter / Blast Staff 2-3

Banquet Information and Reservation Form 4

Sponsorships – Ads for Banquet Program 5

Alumnus of the Year Nomination Form 6

Memorial Day Remembrance 7

Signs of Spring (Photo Essay) 8-9

Alumni Snapshots 10

Spotlight on Alumni - Carl G. Stevens ‘42 11

Favorite Teacher 12-13

If You Can Dance, You Have a Chance 14-15

1932 Annual Pages, 1st Graduating Class 16-18

Tip of Your Tongue (Quiz - Humor) 19-20

Advice From an Old Man (Humor) 21-22

Gone But Never Forgotten 23-24

Isaac Litton Alumni Assn. Executive Board 25

Legacy 26


Cover page - Save the Dates     1

President's Letter    2-3

Banquet Reservation Form     4

Veterans' Day Breakfast     5

Funnies for the New Year      6

Marquee Renovation    7-8

Spotlight on Alum - Lewis Lampley  9-11

Blast/Communications Committee   11

ILAA Board of Directors    12

BIM - W"Rapping" Party      13-14

BIM - National Award       15

BIM - Thank you letter    16

BIM - Christmas parties, Titans and Preds 17-18

Gone But Never Forgotten   19-20

New Years Wishes     20


Cover Page 1

Save the Date 2

President’s Letter 2-3

Back to School - Gift Cards To ILMS 4

Happy Hallo-thanks-mas from the Blast Staf 5

Spotlight on Our Alumni - John Gordy 6-10

Rock 'n Roll Quiz - Part II  11-12

Conversation With a Classmate Jean Pate Martin Class of '42 13

Blue Ridge Poem by Randy Diamond Class of '65 14-15

Annuals, Annuals, Annuals 16

Announcements- Veteran's Day Breakfast, All-Alumni Banquet,

Cookbooks, and Alumni Contacts 17

Gone But Never Forgotten 18


Cover – Dues, donations, and Table of Contents 1

President’s Letter 2-3

Blast Staff and Communications Committee 3

Memorial Day 2022 4-5

ILAA Board of Directors 6

Cookbook and Humor 7

2022 All-Alumni Banquet 8-9

Larry Collier, 2022 Alumnus of the Year 10-11

Spotlight on Alumni – Jay McDonald 12-14

Our Legacy – including the SIGN! 15-16

Gone But Never Forgotten 17

President's Letter  2 - 3
All-Alumni Banquet Reservation  4
ILAA Board of Directors  5 - 7
Update Your Info, Please  7 
Remember Your Dues  8
Cookbook "Gifts and Goodies" Contribute  8
Spotlight on Alumni, Barbara Norman Haynes  9 - 12
Yearbooks Now on the Website  11
Easter Traditions Around the World  12 - 13
How Are You Related To "Old Glory"  14 - 16
Reunion for Class of '72: The Stolen Graduation  16
Lions' Den Treasures Found! And More Needed  17 - 18
Update on Ms. Cookie, Age 108  19 - 20
Keeping In Touch With Our Classmates (Appeal)  21
Reflections on Aging (Humor)  22
Gone But Never Forgotten  23


President's Letter 2

2022 All Year Banquet ROARS Back 3

Spotlight on Alumni - Mickey Collier Alumni of the Year 5

ILAA Board of Directors 7

Wrapping All-Stars (BIM) 9

AND THEN!!! BIM Christmas Dinners 10

Rock and Roll Quiz - Part One 12

We Want You - Volunteer for a Committee 14

Litton Middle School News 15

Class of '58 Was the First 16

A Time To Laugh 17

1960 State Football Champions 18

A Glorious Night Time View/BIM Christmas Card 22-23

Gone But Not Forgotten 24

Message from the President 2

Invitation to All-Alumni Banquet 3

Reservation form for All-Year Banquet 4

Nomination form for Alumnus of the Year 5

Sponsorship form for All-Alumni Banquet Program 6

Eating in the ‘50s 7

Age is Just a Number – Nilmah Cook 8-13

Travel Plans? 14

Class of ’71 Reunion – Last Class to Graduate 15-17

Phil Watts – In Memory 18-19

Gone But Never Forgotten 20

ILAA Executive Board 21-22


Message from the President 2

Banquet Invitation 3

Banquet Reservation 4

Alumni of the Year Nomination Form 5

Why are Dues Important 6

They Gave Their All – Memorial Day 7

Operation Restore Hope – John McHenry 11

Isaac Litton Patriot – Edwin Beakley 14

Spotlight on Alumni – Lillian Jackson 16

Honoring our Lion Predecessors 19

Gone But Never Forgotten 20

2021 ILAA Board of Directors 21


Message From the President

ILAA Board of Directors 2020 - 2021

Announcements and "OOPS"

Easter "Back in the Day"

"Isaac" the Lion

The Ultimate Modern Easter Dress

The 1947 Mammoth Cave Trip

Things I Am Super Good At

Reflections of 2nd Avenue

From the Editors

Gone But Never Forgotten


President’s Message

Un-Garage Sale?

Litton High Forever

Funnies for the New Year

Santa's Elves at Work (BIM)

And Now For Something Completely Different

Lions at the Watering Hole (Shoney's)

A Perfect Night for Love

Litton Legend, Bonnie Ryan Sloan

Happy New Year from the Staff of the BLAST

Gone, But Never Forgotten


President’s Message

So, How Goes the Un-Garage Sale?

Rockin’ N Rollin’ with the Opposite Sex

A Time to Laugh

Message from Backfield in Motion

Nashville’s Lower Broad

Band Trips Part II: The Macy's Parade

Can You Relate? (Humor)

Loss of a Legend

Now You Know

Current Board of Directors of the ILAA

Gone, But Not Forgotten


President's Message

Mr Past President, We Salute You

Memories of Mrs Lillian Long

A Time to Laugh

Historic Union Station: Then and Now

"Life Goes On" a poem by Don Hoover (ILHS 1961)

Devastating Tornadoes Rip Through Tennessee

Look What's New on the WEBSITE

Did You Know These Things Had Names?

ILAA Board of Directors

Gone But Not Forgotten


President's Message

The Rock 'n' Roll Years

What Is A Class Rep / Listing of Class Reps

Old Farmers Advice

Pioneering For Women Everywhere

A Time To Laugh

Welcome To Tomorrow

A History of Toilet Paper

Message From The Editors

ILAA Board of Directors

Gone But Not Forgotten


President's Message

When Litton High School Closed

Twice a Lion - The John Gordy Story

A Fascinating Piece of Nashville History - Cornelia Fort Airpark

A Time To Laugh - Getting Older Can Be FUN

Random Memories of Being a Nashville Teenager

Coach Cummings and the Trout

New Merchandise in Our Store

The Story of Litton

The Board of Directors of The Isaac Litton Alumni Association

Gone But Not Forgotten


President's Message

Rest In Peace Jimmy Howell ...and Thank You

Take Time To Laugh

What If

A Reminiscence

Nashville Pilot Turns Super Spy

Band Trips - California

Litton Students Abroad In 1969

Current ILAA Board Members

Gone But Not Forgotten


President's Message
2019 All Alumni Banquet Is Now History
A Tribute to Ernie Winfrey
Band Trips (Part 1)
Share With Us
Land Marks We Loved
Time To Laugh
A Litton Alumnus and the Notre Dame Cathedral
When Madison High Could Not Count To Five
Current ILAA Board Members
Gone But Not Forgotten


2019 All Alumni Letter and Registration

Littonites Honor Marshall Foster (From 1965)

Consider This .....

Harold Bradley, The Guitarists' Guitarist

Our New Website is "Open For Business"

The Day The Music Died (Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and

   The "Big Bopper" Killed in Plane Crash)

Our Teacher Without a Classroom, Ann Baber

Bulletin Board Wars in Mrs Baber's Library

Spotlighting Women's Month : Sherri Hodde & Ann Richards


ILAA Hosts Open House In Lion Hall
Remembering Aubrey Jacobs

21 Tips On Aging

5 Litton Greats Among the Top 50 NIL Football Players

History of the Drive-In Theater in Tennessee

How Farms and Fields Became the Cool Springs Galleria
Tammy Watts Honored By  Middle School
2018 Christmas Dinner for BIM

From the Communications Committee


Most Haunted Places in Nashville

Coach Moore Has Left the Field, But Not Our Hearts

Charmer To the End, Frank Xavier Friedmann

New Addition To the Brick Memorial Wall

Info Share Tab Added To Our Website

How To Navigate Our Website


The 2018 All Alumni Banquet Is Over And One For The Books

Steve Shaw Cinematographer

A Tribute To Gerald "Butch" Burnette

Carol Galloway Bevans Inducted Into HOF

The Year Was 1955


Isaac Litton Has a Proud History
WD-40 Water Displacement 40
A Sports Thrill by Red O'Donnell
Memories of 1968
Litton Band Called "Fantastic"
Naomi Parker Fraley, Real Rosie the Riveter, Dies at 96


Ties Between Nashville and Old Glory
How Old Are You, Really?

New Golden Seniors Program Kick-off

Remembering Snow Days

Film Star Cleared In Traffic Death

Dig These "Swinging Cats"

Outreach Committee Presentation To Litton Middle School


Litton's Last Coach Has Left The Field (Richard Hewitt)

Our Litton Graduates Are Royal Descendants (Maunsell)

Nancy Moore Bailey (Artist)

The Fabulous Fifties

Our Majorettes Are National Champions

Helping Hands Program


2017 All-Alumni Banquet is Now History

Son of a Gunn (James Henry)

Audie Ashworth the Legend and the Litton Lion

Lions Den Gets a Facelift After The Flood

What Is a Class Rep?

Litton's Demise Is Painful to Grads


History Repeats Itself

Dr Cleo Miller: They Needed Him

Volkert Inducted Into The Metro Sports Hall of Fame

James "Buzz" Cason: An American Treasure

Matriarch of Bates Florist Has Passed Away


Isaac Litton Alumni Annual Picnic

The Best There Ever Was - Bob Hoover

Let's Hop

Twenty Years In Music City - Ernest Winfrey

Backfield In Motion Christmas

A Blast From The Past - Issues From the Archives

The Night Lions Pride Went Too Far

Litton's Impact On Others

Pentatonix Acapella Singers Make Video In Our Gym


In Memoriam – Bob Cummings 
Annual Alumni Picnic
MNPS Sports Hall of Fame – Bobby Tillman
1966 State Track Championship
Teacher Tribute – Richard Hewitt 
Drawer of Drawers – Lewis Lampley
WWII Blast Editorial 
Buy a Brick 
ILMS News 
ILAA Outreach Committee Report
After the Flood – Lions Hall and Den Restoration
Gone But Never Forgotten
Presidents’ Letter – Phil Watts 
ILAA Board Members 


2016 All Alumni Banquet 
Words that Inspire – Alum of yr. Jay McDonald
Lions Hall and Den Restoration
Honors at Press Contest, Blast 1961
Committee Spotlight, Fundraising
ILAA Committee List
“Rip” Nix, 1953 grad, football star 
1966 Track Championship
Communications Corner 
Gone But Never Forgotten
Wayne Wright, ILHS ’52, in Lipscomb Sports Hall of Fame
John Steinhauer 
President’s Letter – Carol Draper Bourque
ILAA Board Members


Save the Date, All Alumni Banquet 2016
Albert Hadley, Mrs. H’s Brother
Lion’s Hall and Den, Overview
ILMS News 
Grounds and Facilities Committee
Communications Corner 
All Sports Day 1966 
Three BIM Boys Receive Scholarships
Leonard Staggs, class of ’41
On Being Grateful, not Hateful, Litton’s End
Football at HLHS, Preparing for the Season
2016 Banquet info and forms 
Gone But Not Forgotten
President’s Letter, Carol Draper Bourque 
ILAA Board


Success Story William Wiggins, Tympanist 
Teacher Tribute, William H. Gibson
Volunteer for Committees
Committee Spotlight, Alumnus of the Year
Willie (Nelson) and His Fans
Class of 1944 Lunch
President’s Letter, Carol Draper Bourque
American Flag for Board Room
Class of ’65 Presents Checks for ILAA and BIM
Kenneth Duke ’49, in MNPS Sports Hall of Fame
Banquet Save the Date
Buy a Brick
Fighter Pilot Christmas Recollections, Ed Beakley ’64
Gone But Never Forgotten


The Story of “Old Glory”

Memories of Football Friday Nights

Medical Mission Trip to Brazil

Paul Elliott's Play Opens in Redlands, CA

Faculty Favorites - Coach Lee Carlton (Carl) Yates In Memoriam

Did You Know?

Madison High Girls Were Not Happy In ‘62 And ‘63

Communication Carner

News From Litton Middle School

  • Welcome To Litton, Ms Rand

  • Remaining Fall Sports Schedules For Isaac Litton Middle School

  • Reception Held For Litton Middle School

Committee Spotlight

Do You Remember “The Casuals”

Three Deserving Alumni Named “Alumni of the Year”

Board Officers and Members


  • Christmas Is Right Around the Corner

  • Christmas for BIM Boys

Class Of 1970 Celebrates Their 45th Reunion

Teacher Tribute - Frank Samuel Carver

From Our President – Carol Draper Bourque


The Perry Family and Litton High School

Alison Hiller Inducted Into SIU Athletic Hall of Fame

Creating the Litton “Brand”

Jill Hudson Green Posthumously Inducted Into Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame

Pat Tomlinson Morrice (Class of 1959) With Guest Speaker Kevin Costner

Communication Corner

From the President – Carol Draper Bourque

News From Litton Middle School

Mr Bruno’s Departure

Corley Named Pastor at Madison Church of Christ

Class of 1955 Reunion Held

Sally Rippey Matthews Nominated For Frist Humanitarian Award

Teacher Tribute - Mary Virginia King Gee

Board Officers and Members Effective July 1, 2015

Gym Reservation Calendar Is Now On Our Website


A New Beginning

Mr Swor Induccted Into Tennessee Band Master Hall of Fame

Bonnie Sloan Inducted Into NFF Hall of Fame

ILAA Memorabilia for Sale

Mary Sue Barrett Lee Boyd

Local Pilot Faced Choice: Jump or Ride

News From Litton Middle School

  • Band Director Winstein: Litton Honor Band CPA participation

  • Spring Concert

  • Sports Coach Dixon

  • Coach Jennings

  • Other Sports News

Class Representatives

Mission Statement

All-Alumni Sign-up Form

Alumnus of the Year Nomination Form

Buy a Brick Order Form

Communications Corner

From Our President – Jimmy Clift

Teacher Tribute : Earlene Gibson

Board Members


Alumni Center Officially Opens

New Isaac Litton Alumni Website Is On Its Way

Random Reunion News

“All Class” Reunion Luncheon Another Resounding Success

The Class That Wasn’t Plans 40th Year Get Together

The Marquee In Front of Your New Alumni Center

It’s Not A Class Reunion, It’s A Birthday Party

Memories of Our Days in the 50’s Will Always Be With Us

Class of ‘71 Having a “40 Plus 1” Reunion

ILAA Dues and Memorabilia

Jane Hagewood Steinhauer (‘49) Named Outstanding Alumnus

The Lions Den

‘57 Classmates Gather For 55th Reunion

Don’t Forget the Monthly Luncheons


All Alumni Banquet Is Scheduled For April 16

Last Call for All-Alumni Banquet

A Sad Coincidence: Two Long-Time Litton Teachers Passed Away on Same Day

1970 Graduates Getting Together for 35th Reunion

Golden Reunion Planned for Litton Class of 1955

Gyn Renovation Still Proceeding : Agreement With School Board Reached

Isaac Litton Football - 1947

All Litton Alumni Invited to Monthly Luncheon

‘51 Alumni Claude Sharp Honored in California

Class of ‘42 to Meet Annually In October

Annual Alumni Picnic to Kick Off August 27

Don’t Forget To Visit The Litton Website

ILAA Dues and Memorabilia

‘44 Grads Gather for 60 Year Reunion

Girls of The Class of ‘50 Enjoy Monthly Gatherings

The Ladies of the Class of ‘51

The News of My Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

45th Conclave Has Been Set for Class of 1960

A Tribute to Beloved Teacher Lillian Long-Time 1904-2004


Alumni Gather on May 1 For Annual Dinner

Mark Your Calendar Annual Dinner May 16, 2005

‘64 Grads Gather for Two-Day Festivities

Class of ‘54 Gather Holds Golden Gala Reunion

Other Reunion News

Despite Setbacks, Old Gym Project Struggles Along

Annual Alumni Picnic Set For August 21

Have You Visited The Isaac Litton Website

May 1 Alumni Dinner Pictures

Grads Gather at All All Class

In Memoriam

Time for ILAA Dues – and Order Memorabilia

‘53 Grads Celebrate 50th Reunion In Gala Weekend Bash

Ralph McDonald Litton Print Still Available

Mrs Lillian Long Honored at All-Alumni Banquet

Important – What Are Your Wishes

Mrs Harvey Gee Still “Rhymes” At Alumni Gala

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